Craftsmanship inspired
by the user's perspective

Mitani Valve's aerosol valves and pump products
have a variety of uses in everyday life.
You can find them used for medical products,
cosmetics, insecticides, repellants, and industrial items.

Since our founding, we have pursued the highest standards of
comfort, convenience, and safety.
We have introduced many products into society through our integrated
production system that encompasses all steps from development to output.

We will continue to respond to the needs of each and
every customer and create products that give shape to society
by offering solutions that are one step ahead of the rest.


Creating a new tomorrow and
illuminating the future

Mitani Valve was founded in 1956 and is the first company to develop aerosol valves in Japan. Before then, aerosol valves were imported into the country at a high cost.
These affordable and high-quality domestic valves led to the birth of products commonly available now, such as hair spray and insect-repellant spray, and helped improve the quality of life at the time. This was also our first step forward as a manufacturing company that helps transform the world.

Our integrated production system allows us to take responsibility for each step in the manufacturing process. Our company's corporate culture values the spirit of craftsmanship and lets all employees fully exercise their abilities. This philosophy has been cherished ever since our founding.

We are currently expanding our business overseas and actively working on environmentally-friendly products, a crucial issue for all global citizens. We are continuing to develop products with our sights set on future needs.

What kind of lives will people be leading a hundred years from now and what kind of sprays and pumps will they be using? As a manufacturing company that illuminates the future, we are taking on the responsibility of answering these questions and continuing our journey forward.


Company Name:
Mitani Valve Co.,Ltd.
April 16, 1956
100 million yen
Takao Mizuguchi, President

Head Office:
4-2 Nihonbashi Kodenma-cho, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 103-0001 JAPAN
Tel: (+81)3-6861-2742 / Fax: (+81)3-6861-2743


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